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App Download Services

Price Chart For App Download

#QuantityAll IndiaCity wise
1100Rs.17/- Per DownloadRs.20/- Per Download
2500Rs.15/- Per DownloadRs.18/- Per Download
31000Rs.13/- Per DownloadRs.15/- Per Download
4>2500Rs.10/- Per DownloadRs.13/- Per Download

Term and condition:

1. Payment must be in advance 100%.
2. App installs will be delivered in maximum 30 days from the payment confirmation.
3. App download service is only available for Google play store apps.
4. Apps that contain porn/adult material are no allowed in our program.
5. Client has to provide full App description of their app.
6. Lottery, gambling or any such types of apps are not allowed.
7. Apps that require Root privilege are not allowed.
8. We can only provide app installs not app registration.

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