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Skype Marketing Software Details
Skype Bulk mass massaging Software is the only is the only Advertising medium that effectively reaches your audience at work and at play. Get our service now by communicate with us.
At Dial Me 24, we take pride in creating new and effective digital marketing techniques. This may include both products and services. For instance, our skype marketing software is a very unique and effective one time purchase product. By using this brilliant software, you will invest once and do free marketing forever.
1.Allows you to fetch skype IDs using various parameters like- name, phone numbers, email IDs and keywords.
Our software allows you to search a specific name, or a name + country combination, phone number, email address or keyword and pulls out all skype IDs with that parameter. This data can then be saved in an excel sheet and imported to be added to your skype ID.
For instance, if you wish to search all those skype IDs in India which have marketing as their keyword, your search parameter will become ‘markeing + India’.
2.Allows you to search skype IDs in specific geography.
This feature is especially useful when your target group is based in a certain geography or country.
3.Allows the user to send friends / add request to multiple skype IDs together.
Once the skype IDs have been searched, a user will obviously want to add them to their contact list. This can be done by using the software. The software allows a user to send personalized friend / add request to as many skype IDs as wanted.
4.Skype broadcasting of personalized messages to the entire skype contact list.
This is the primary marketing feature. After all, the entire purpose of the above exercise is to send a customized message to all these users. However, if there’s a document or a file that you want to send to each of these contacts, our software allows you to do that as well.
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