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How QR Codes Can Grow Your Business. Register You Company
QR Code क्‍या होता है ?

हम में से बहुत से लोगो को कई बार TV, Internet या कि पोस्‍टर पर QR code लगा दिखता है। लेकिन क्‍या आपको ये पता है कि QR code होता क्‍या है ?
QR code एक code है जो मशीन के द्वारा पढ़ा जाता है। ये code Black और White squares का बना होता है। QR code को हम 2D bar code भी लिखते है। अगर आपने कभी नही देखा तो ये कुछ इस तरह से दिखता है।
QR code mobile camera की सहायता से scan होता है। इस code को scan करने के बाद आपके mobile मे code के अन्‍दर store किया हुआ data खुल जायेगा। अगर अापने Aadhar card देखा होगा तो उसमें भ्‍ाी एक QR code आता है। आधार कार्ड के QR code को अगर आप अपने mobile से scan करेगे तो mobile में जिसको आधार कार्ड है उसकी पूरी जानकारी आ जायेगी।
QR code के द्वारा website भी बिल्‍कुल खुल सकती है, Apps भी download हो सकती है कई showroom वाले QR code के द्वारा discount भ्‍ाी देते है। चलो अब देखते है कि QR code scan किस तरह करे।
QR code scan करने के लिये सबसे पहले अपने mobile मे “QR code reader” app download करे।
QR Codes to Grow YOUR Business
QR codes will continue to gain in popularity with the boom in smart phone usage. They are easy to create, and becoming easier for consumers to use. Depending on your business, you can use QR codes as another way to engage your audience, drive traffic to your website (or elsewhere), and build your business.
What are the best ways to use them?
Here are some of the ways you can implement the codes into your marketing program. Use them to link to:
» Online lead generating form
» Email opt-in page
» Social media platform
» Product page or coupon
» Download
» Product video
» Map showing your business location
» Instructional video
» Service form or request
» Loyalty program
QR codes are easily placed on a variety of media, too, such as:
» Posters
» Postcards
» Surveys
» Letters
» Products
What benefits do they offer?
With QR codes you can optimize these benefits:
» They are able to hold more information than standard bar codes, giving businesses more flexibility.
» You can use analytic programs to track responses and evaluate the program.
» They are customizable to any URL.
» They are an easy way to extend your business’ reach to new mobile customers.
» The digital format offers business a low-cost way to generate leads, educate consumers and increase customer loyalty
How does the QR Code benefit the ecommerce business?
The growth plight of QR Code- the scanable white and black graphic image for products is one a rise. The increasing reliance on the mobile commerce eventually makes the QR Code marketing a successful trend. The capability of this two-dimensional barcode to store numerous data like website URL, product details etc. makes this a favorite choice among mcommerce business so as to connect with the mobile audience. The QR code helps you to captivate your target audience and brand your stores by keeping in pace with the newer technologies.
The QR code helps you to explore the market place by distributing its use in multiple ways. Like, - Print Medium – Providing the scanable QR Code for your products to the print media and connect with the off-line customers
Take the customer directly to the product page by placing the QR code of the favorite product in Front end
Publish the QR code print of specific product in the storefront for easy access to the busy consumers and allow them to simply scan the code and shop while on the go.
Circulate the QR Code print as marketing publications such as poster ads, mail campaigning etc.
Decided to generate QR code for your products?
It’s simple for CMS based web stores with QR Code extensions. The QR Code for Virtuemart Joomla extension when installed will help you generate QR codes for your products and optimize the search marketing. The Magento QR Code is an add-on for magento CMS, empowering you to generate QR codes for your products of your magento ecommerce without any difficulty.
The traction of QR codes in the ecommerce industry is well understood by the increasing adoption of the system. Join the race and increase your customer base.

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